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saturnexplorers is a private website that primarily serves as a blog with a focus on videogames and game development. It's gone through a bunch of redesigns over the years. It used to be supported by a simple PHP backend, went through a short phase of being put together by the popular static side generator jekyll before it moved over to a more sophistacated rails backend. Here's some screenshots of its previous versions:


about me

I went by many handles on the internet, but am mostly known as ryu. My real name is Martin.
My introduction to gamedev were various RPG Makers (from 2000 to VX) and the Warcraft III map editor. These days I got my own game engine in the works, although I often get distracted developing side projects - like the software that's behind this website. Having grown up with japanese videogames, manga and anime I eventually came to learning the language. These days I'm reading japanese (light) novels with relative confidence.
Next to me lies a keyboard. Maybe I'll get good at it someday, but it's not a huge ambition to be honest.

some of my games
my figures

Playing retro games on their original hardware has turned my living room into a small mess. I got a nice upscaler for almost every use case. For a while I even owned too many CRTs, but gave most of them away as I ran out of space to host them. Looking back that was a dumb move considering how sought after professional grade CRTs have become over the years, but that can't be helped now. At least I still got a cozy 14" PVM and a working (even if somewhat run down) 29" NEC.
The development of the internet has left me in despair and the way Windows 10 turned out made me switch to Debian Linux to drive my main machine. No regrets on that decision. DWM is all I need and VIM has served me well for every programming task so far.

my house!
my boat!!
my car!!!
my sega saturn!!!!

I've recently gotten into taking pictures with my phone's camera, and was advised to publish some of these here on my website. Mind you my pictures are absolute amateur works as I know nothing about how to make good use of cameras.

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