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retro-bit Sega Saturn Controller mini review

It's april 2019 and a Sega Saturn controller fresh from the manufacture line makes it onto the market. Not an april fools joke. Disregarding that I may be wasting my money on a subpar junk controller I actually preordered this one. Just in case it's good, making sure I don't miss out. Now having tested this piece of modern retro hardware for a good hour there's nothing in the way of the me giving this a seal of approval.

Hori digital pad joy-con L

You hear people complain about a lack of D-pad on the Nintendo Switch joy-cons all the time. Maybe you're one of them. In any case, there's been enough buzz about it at least in japan that the popular console accessory manufacturer Hori has gone and produced an alternative joy-con that makes traditional games more enjoyable in portable mode.