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Confused about inheritance in PHP

Got another job that deals with PHP. I haven't used the language in years and admittedly not made much use of its object orientated facilities during the time I worked with it in the past. As expected even the later additions to PHP have their oddities and pitfalls. For example today I tried to implement the following

Dependencies sure are fun

Now that my website is static again I needed to put together a new script for the hit counter. It seems the data related to the last time this site was delivered statically was not very important to me at some point, because otherwise I would still have it stored somewhere.

looks like everything's fine. just migrated all my sites to a new server and domain.

Finally done working on the software for my website.

Homepage version upgrade

I've been working on this new version of my homepage for roughly a year now. The gist is that the CMS I wrote before only used a text field for posting new articles and such, which wasn't great for working on longer posts. I could have simply added a functionality that handles text files, but there was other stuff missing as well which I had kept putting off. Thus I went and started from scratch, writing a PHP framework by myself, which was nearly completed when I decided to scratch it in favor of a static site. Think I started working on the current jekyll implementation in april, and spend most of the time since then on my own comment system (which the site was lacking before).